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Hotpoint refrigerator icemakers

and Complete Field Installation Kits
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For the correct part number for a complete field installation kit.
There should be a
sticker on the back of the refrigerator,
or a sticker inside the freezer door,

that gives the kit number.
If not, please click on this hyperlink for
"Price and Availability"
we will research it for you.
For questions, or to order by phone please call
the number above

Kit: all necessary parts for complete installation

Most Hotpoint replacements have a blue sticker on the back
or inside the front cover, that gives the model number.
The number usually starts with WR30X??????

General Electric which includes brand name Hotpoint

Most replacements for
these brands, have a
blue sticker on the back
or inside the front cover
that gives the part number.
The number usually starts
with WR30X??????
JS2 $ 127.19
JS3 $ 127.19
WR30X0259 $ 127.19
WR30X0283 $ 127.19
WR30X0284 $ 127.19
WR30X0289 $ 127.19
WR30X0290 $ 127.19
WR30X0304 $ 127.19
WR30X0306 $ 127.19
WR30X0318 $ 127.19
WR30X0320 $ 127.19
WR30X0326 $ 127.19
WR30X0327 $ 127.19
WR30X0328 $ 127.19
WR30X10001 $ 127.19
WR30X10014 $ 127.19
MSE 1 Kit $ 127.19
IM1 Kit $ 99.95
IM2 Kit $ 99.95
IM3 Kit $ 99.95
IM4 kit $ 99.95
IM6 Kit $ 99.95
UK KIT-1, HPT Kit 1 Kits $ 99.95
UKKIT 3S Kit $ 99.95
8335 Kit $ 99.95
8339 Kit $ 99.95
8390 Kit $ 99.95
IM5SS, Kit $ 99.95
UK KIT 2 $ 99.95
UK KIT 3 $ 99.95
UK KIT-4 $ 99.95
CAN9 Kit $ 99.95
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Hotpoint, RCA, General Electric, and Kenmore replacements and kits

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Hotpoint refrigerator icemakers
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